Hear from some of the people who used the services and skills of AO International to enhance their experiences and projects

With the help of AO International, our softball team’s tour and exchange in Hawaii was successful and safe.

In addition to softball matches with the University of Hawaii and Hawaii Pacific University teams, there were many educational and cultural exchange opportunities for our students and staff.

At the University of Hawaii, we were able to experience and learn about the US Collegiate athletic system through a campus tour and speech from the Athletic Director of Softball. We also experienced the hospitality and special culture of Hawaii at a Potluck event after our last game at Hawaii Pacific University.

Before and during training, AO was able to give us detailed support and responded quickly to changes in our schedules and special requests.

Thank you so much for providing the students with a valuable experience and unique opportunity!
— Josai University, Japan
** AO was fortunate to be part of your tour to Hawaii and the wonderful experiences you had mentioned. We look forward to your return. Aloha! **

TSTM_ sportsman Heineken 2.jpg
They say…“it’s all in who you know”!  Fortunately, for us at 1141 Properties, LLC, we only needed to know the staff at AO International!  

From transportation, to venues, to “off the beaten path” scenery, to extraordinary restaurants.  We had places to go and business people to see!  

Your team had the contacts and was amazing in getting us into exclusive areas, which enabled us to have the “local experience.”  

While working on conventions or meetings we found the AO International staff to be very knowledgeable in shipping, electrical and labor…from beginning to end, it was the easy button!   Mahalo!
— S & G Sportsman - Owners of 1141 Properties, LLC- Dallas, Texas
** Thank you for choosing AO and giving us the opportunity to provide the service and assistance you required. Aloha! **

I needed help in going on a one-day tour of Oahu because I do not speak much English and I had limited time. I was concerned with joining the tour by myself but it was no problem at all. AO exceeded my expectations with their efficient management and personalized attention.

The tour arrangements were made without stress, because I could communicate in Japanese with the tour coordinator. The package was well arranged and the guide was very knowledgeable and had plenty of recommended sites and places to eat.

The end of the tour ended perfectly with a beautiful sunset on Tantalus lookout. There are many more places I want to go and will definitely use AO for assistance in the future.

— YH, Japan
** We are so happy we exceeded your expectations. We are looking forward to your next exploration of Hawaii. Aloha! **