AO INTERNATIONAL, INC. is a consulting company connecting the world including the UNITED STATES And JAPAN.


We will help you in a wide range of areas such as sports, culture, education and art with the motto "Trust, Quality, Challenge".

We offer tailored and state-of-the-art services to businesses and individual groups who want to explore and challenge new ideas with honor and integrity.

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The goals of AO International, Inc. are to provide first-rate service to customers by facilitating favorable business relationships, enhancing understanding of the business environment and providing other insights.

Our services will help strengthen visibility as a business in all markets. Services include consultation, recommendations, coordination and contacts in advancing your service needs worldwide. We will help maximize your business potential in today's competitive marketplace.

AO International, Inc. is a network of veteran professionals hailing from multiple industries and business enterprises in Tokyo, Hawaii and Washington, DC amongst other global locations.

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